Tile Replacement

Older pools with a waterline tile strip may need the tile re-grouted or replaced.

The tile strip around the waterline of a pool is not just for looks. It serves an important role in keeping the pool clean because suntan lotion, body oils, and debris (that may blow into the pool) all float and stick to the walls right at the water line. This “scum” line is very hard to clean off pools that do not have a tile line. This is why it is so important to keep and maintain the existing tile on your pool.

Tile grout protects the pool tile and helps keep it securely attached to the tile bed. It is normal for the grout to slowly dissolve away over time due to the pool chemicals. Thin grout allows water to seep behind the tile causing the adhesive to break down. This is why the tile starts to come off, and then when it freezes, it comes off even faster! At this point it is usually too late to just re-grout and a full tile replacement becomes necessary. Completely re-tiling a pool is extremely expensive compared to only re-grouting. So, re-grouting, if done in time, will save the tile from falling off, makes it much easier to keep clean and will save you a ton of money! We re-grout tile often when we re-paint a pool.

If tile replacement is needed, there are several reasons why we strongly recommend having it done at the same time the pool needs to be painted. The pool will need to be drained when performing a tile replacement and when we strip off the old tile and prep the tile bed for reinstallation, it makes a mess inside the pool. The debris, grout, and adhesive would damage and stain the existing paint if it is still in good shape. So, it is best to have both the tile installation and painting done at the same time, rather than paint the pool first and retile it later.

If you are dealing with any of the issues described above, or if it is “just time” for a tile replacement in your pool, please call or email us for more information and prices! We would love to make your pool look brand new again! Also, please visit our Tile Replacement Gallery to see some of our work!